Fear is faith in the enemy

  Fear is faith in the enemy. I have read this statement a few times on different Christian platforms but it really spoke to me yesterday as I was about to pray. Faith is believing in someone or something. In the Christian world, faith is believing in God. Living in faith is living with the confidence that God is who He says He is and that we are who He says we are. Now, fear is also a form of belief. It’s the belief that things are going to go wrong or that we are going to be harmed. In the Christian context, it is also stripping God of who He says He is and not believing that we are who He says we are. Faith is looking at life through God’s eyes. Fear is looking at life through the enemy’s eyes. Are we more faith-oriented or fear-oriented? That is the question. 

I love the accounts of Jesus in the Bible and I enjoy reading about how faith-centered He is. He also wants us to be faith-centered. When Jesus walked on water, He invited Peter to walk on water himself. It was easy for Jesus because He had faith that He could do that being the Son of God. Now, Peter was able to walk on water as well when He kept His eyes on Jesus. This is key. Our faith can remain strong as we are keeping our focus on the Lord. When a situation seems impossible, let’s remember that the Lord is asking us to trust Him and to walk on water with Him no matter what our circumstances are. Once Peter became scared, he started sinking. Fear tried to get the best of Peter and Peter started to think he really couldn’t walk on the water. He started to develop faith in the enemy because of what the enemy was whispering to his head. Keeping our eyes on Jesus will help us ignore the enemy’s whispers. 

When it comes to faith, I like to get inspiration from the past. I am not advocating living in the past but I am a big fan of using past victories as a source of faith. I recently made a list of great past breakthroughs, signs and wonders and victories. It is in the journal I keep on my bed next to my Bible. On a tough day, I can just open to those pages and get a boost. If fear is telling me that I won’t get out of my predicament, the memories of past blessings contradict fear. I have had to do that often lately and it is making a difference. If God did it for me before, He will do it again because God doesn’t change. Hebrews 13:8, one of my favorite verses, declares that “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

If as this week is starting, you already have a list of what could go wrong, I suggest you do what I previously described. Keep your eyes on the Lord. Rebuke every fear-based thought. Tell your thoughts that Jesus is on your side and that He is holding your hand while you are walking on water with Him. Remind the negative thoughts that your God is bigger than anything and anyone. Tell fear that it is not welcome here. Tell fear that you don’t believe the enemy but you believe in your Savior who died for you so you wouldn’t have to be subjected to the enemy. Then go down memory lane and revive your past victories. Thank the Lord for what He did for you and for what He is about to do this week. Let faith speak. Let faith be louder than fear. Feed your faith with the Word of God and starve your fear, like they say. Fear is faith in the enemy but Faith in God overcomes fear. Stay in faith!
Suggested reading: Galatians 3:22; James 1:6; 1 John 5:13


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