You are never alone so keep the faith

Blind faith is one of the hardest goals to achieve. Wouldn’t it be ideal if we could just have faith in all situations? Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could be unshakable and nothing would faze us? It is one of my goals and even though I can see that in some areas of my life I have great faith, I am also aware of where I am lacking faith. It is a process. It is a learning process and experiences help a great deal. I believe we need to make sure we hear the truth first, like the Word says, and then we can trust and have faith. However, it is only when you go through a number of tests and trials that you know what you are truly made of. I now welcome all experiences that will help me grow. I know it was my prayer a few years ago when I think about it. I asked and I received. God is not making my life harder, my harder life is making God shine brighter. What is keeping me going? Knowing that I am never alone is helping me tremendously.

Do you believe the Lord is always with you? If you knew that He was, wouldn’t you be more secure in what you did? My base is the Bible and the Bible says that God will never leave us nor forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6). This means that I can be lost in a desert, I could be stranded on an island or I could be in a village in a foreign place, the Lord will still be with me. If someone comes against me, if my problems are serious or if I lose everything I have like Job, the Lord is still with me. If you are doubting today, remember how far you have come and what the Lord has done for you. You might not see Him but He is still there as much as He was on the day you got saved or on the day you had a breakthrough.

I used to tell myself that God was so big and so awesome that I couldn’t see Him. I used to think that seeing Him would be too much for me to handle so that’s why I didn’t see Him physically. I used to think that seeing Him would make me fall flat on my face and it would be so powerful that I could never get up again. Then I thought to myself “Wait a minute! I see God all the time.” Yes, I see Him in nature, in people, in life, in circumstances. He is everywhere. Life carries a lot of evidence that God does exist and that He is not only all around but He is with me as well. Can someone’s negative attitude toward stop God from being with me? Can sickness or disease come between God and me? Absolutely not. Nothing can take Him so why should I fear?

Wherever I go the Lord goes with me. I am never alone. You are never alone. Let’s pack our self-pity and let’s unwrap that truth. It doesn’t change. The truth is the truth and it’s nothing but the truth. I’ve said this before but often when I am driving I say out loud “God is on my side and nothing is impossible with God.” Do you want to start believing that as well? Then start saying it daily. What you hear all the time you will believe. As you believe it more, it will become more real to you. You will have real experiences and real experiences are a great boost for blind faith. You are never alone. God loves way too much to abandon you!
Suggested reading: John 6:36; John 14:18; Romans 8:38-39


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