What the Holy Spirit taught me about being still

The Holy Spirit can use the most random and the most out of the box situations or events to teach us a lesson. You have probably heard of the mannequin challenge but if you haven’t, I recommend that you look it up on YouTube. It is one of those cultural phenomena that started in the US (last October) and that has traveled the world since then. The idea is to make a video of people who are not moving just like mannequins. The video is shot with a song in the background. The Spirit taught me a few things using the mannequin challenge

Standing still or not moving can be seen as a position of weakness or a position of power. It can be considered as weakness because it reflects passivity and lack of mobility. Someone who is not moving won’t make progress and won’t get anywhere literally. How many times have we just sat there passively not moving and not doing anything to make progress? Sometimes life strikes and leaves us immobilized. We are so shocked by our problems that we can’t move.
Problems have a way of paralyzing us and depleting us of energy, motivation and basically life. The good news is that Jesus Himself is not only the way and the truth but He is also the life (John 14:6). When you get paralyzed, you need a Jesus injection. You need a shot of The Life. Instead of passively being submissive to your conditions, you should get up and get moving. You need to take back the energy that was sucked out of you and rise up strong. You have Jesus with you all the time. Speak up and rebuke your circumstances. 

Don’t let paralysis get the best of you. It is a lie the enemy uses. You are not a mannequin and you are not the enemy’s puppet. God pulls the strings, not the devil. Remember that. Greater is the Lord that in you than the enemy that is in this world ( 1 John 4:4). God is in control. There are no powers of darkness that can keep you down and that can immobilize you unless you believe they can. Don’t buy into that. Buy into God’s perfect plan for your life. His plan includes progress, movement, going forward, success, blessings and victory. 

Standing still is also a powerful stand because it aligns with the Word of God. The Lord wants us to be still. He says in Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.” In Exodus 14:14 He says He will fight for us while we keep still. If we remain still and quiet in times of adversity it shows faith. It will cause the Lord to act on our behalf. You can be still and manifest God’s power but trusting Him. Being still is the opposite of being frantic and of panicking. Stay calm and know that God is God and that He won’t let you down no matter how bad your circumstances are. 

Let’s stop being passive while the soundtrack of our life is playing in the background. Let’s get up and walk and let’s choose what the soundtrack of our life should be in Jesus’ name. Let the video that captures a snapshot of our life be a video where we breathe joy, love, peace, patience and strength with every step we take. Let’s our mannequin challenge be the challenge of Christians who are actively walking hand in hand with the Lord and who refuse to believe in defeat and in all the lies of the enemy. Let’s keep moving and keep dancing to the beat of the music of the Lord!
Suggested reading: Exodus 14:13; Psalm 37:7; Isaiah 40:31


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