Life without hope

I met with a couple of childhood friends today that I had gone to school with in France. We reminisced for a while and our conversation was great until we talked about how things are going nowadays. It sounds like many of our friends have gone through hell in the past few years. People who always seemed to have the best life ever ended up being tormented by a series of sad events. I couldn’t believe some of the things I heard. Those are the things you don’t hear about on Facebook, the pictures of despair that you don’t see on Instagram. Social media often doesn’t depict real life. It masks the scars and embellishes life adventures. “Life without hope” is the best way I can describe the accounts of my friends’ journeys. Do you remember what life without Jesus looked like? Do you remember the taste of bitterness that was left in your mouth every time life served you a cold dish of bad luck and trials? It’s when you are reminded of those things that you appreciate your new life more. Friend, today I want to encourage you to “count it all joy” because at the end of the day no matter how bad things are for you, you have someone that most of the world doesn’t know. With Jesus, there will always be hope. Your tribulation today doesn’t compare to the relief tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will bring. You and I have a treasure that counts more than all the money in the world. There are millionaires suffering of depressing all around the world. People with “perfect lives” that would give anything to get the peace the Lord has to offer and they look in all the wrong places to find it. Many celebrities look amazing on the outside but the ugly fears on the inside are eating them alive. Life without hope can appear to be glamorous but it lacks the force that will push you further and that will keep you afloat when your life is drowning in distress. We have the most important key in the universe; we have hope in Jesus. It is the key that will open the doors that most of the world will never ever see. All they see are closed doors and fences so high that they can’t see the beauty of hope that lies on the other side. I call those fences dark picket fences. They keep you from reaching the truth and from attaining joy and all the blessings the Lord has to offer. Hope is a blessing that keeps on giving. It stops you from giving up and it brings the Savior to the forefront. It is the starter for faith and the remedy for desperation. We have hope that God will get us out of any problem that might come our way. I love what Psalm 147:11 says. It says that “the Lord delights in those that fear Him and who put their hope in His unfailing love.” Next time you think you have a hard life, put your hope in Jesus’ unfailing love. Go back to the good times when He got you of a ditch and saved you from misery. Keep your hope in Him. Things might look dismal today but God will bless you over and over again. He is the King of hope and His promises don’t change. Life without hope is a struggle. That is not where you and I are. Just like Hillsong sings, we have the hope of the world. Jesus is our hope. Against Him nothing can stand. Suggested reading: Job 11:18-19; Proverbs 13:12; Romans 5:2-7


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