It’s not all about me

Has anyone ever told you “it’s not about you”? How often do we make everything about us? When something goes wrong that involves another person we think about how it affects us first. For instance if a friend has to cancel plans, in some cases, we will get disappointed and hurt before trying to find out if the person is ok. Now on a bigger scale, we look at our lives as the center of the universe. It is human nature to think of us first and look at the world with us in the middle. We define the world according to ourselves. If we are being honest, we have thought at least once that the world without us in it is a foreign concept that we can’t wrap our head around. We are the center of our universe. Look at businesses where it is the survival of the fittest. People are fighting to get ahead and all they care about is self-gain and climbing up the ladder to satisfy themselves. Some people see their life mission as a mission to succeed no matter what and to make themselves happy. The pursuit of happiness is a very egocentric approach. It is the pursuit of happiness for self and not for others. Few people would say that their life goal is to pursue happiness for others but those people do exist. Would God agree and say “it’s not all about you”? God knows the big picture and He also sees and cares about every detail of our lives. The Lord would say that He is all about you and for you (Isaiah 41:10) and He wants you to have the best life possible. He wants us to pursue happiness but He defines that pursuit differently. When you read the Bible, you are made aware of the fact that happiness and joy come from the Lord so we can share them with the world. God intends to make us happy so in turn we can go and “contaminate” the world with His contagious joy. Pursuing happiness is not all about us. It is about giving what we have received. There is a bigger picture that God wants us to take into consideration every day. Think about it this way. What happens to us on this earth is not all about us. It’s about giving love, it’s about helping others and it’s about giving God all the glory. It’s really all about God. He is the alpha and the omega and all things direct us back to him. When something amazing happens to you, God should get all the glory. When something bad happens to you, God should be the one we turn to so that in time He can get all the glory when He gets us out of a pickle. Thanking and honoring people who help us get through life is fundamental but so is acknowledging God’s role in all situations. I used to think “Oh poor me. I have so many problems. Why me? This is so unfair.” The truth is it wasn’t about me. What happened to me took place was so that I could learn to trust God every step of the way and so that He would get all the glory at the end of the day. When I pray, I give God all the glory and I declare that He is above all the universe, the heavens and the earth. He is supreme and majestic. My life should be all about Him. My life should be about loving others and helping others so that God can be glorified. It’s about letting Christ live in us and through us. Galatians 2:20 says ““I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.” This is a call for living for the Lord. This is a call for embracing His bigger picture and becoming aware that in the end, it’s all about God. I can understand if this message is hard to hear but believe me, once you keep the bigger picture in mind, you will have a different perspective on life. It is a blessing to know that you are a part of a bigger mission, a bigger pursuit. Place others first, make God number one, glorify Him when things get sour and you will live the reality that it’s really not all about you and that’s a good thing. Suggested reading: Luke 9:23; John 12:24; Ephesians 4:22-24; Philippians 3:8


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