Stay connected 

God has a whole lot to offer and He wants to bless us continually. He desires to supply allof our needs. His list of blessings for you and me is extensive and it can never be depleted. Our relationship with Him matters to Him tremendously and He wants for us to enjoy it as well. Are there times when you feel disconnected? Times when God seems to be a thousand miles away? The truth is God never goes away. He doesn’t move at all. When we feel a void, we need to look at the possible causes. The main reason is our perspective. We get ideas that convince us that the Lord has left the building, so to speak. Those thoughts can be the result of guilt. We need to tear down those ideas. There is absolutely nothing that will ever change the way Jesus loves you. Nothing, nothing at all. Rest assured today that He is still right by your side. Fatigue is another major source of trouble when it comes to feeling connected to God. You must have noticed that it is harder to pray when you are tired, it is harder to stay positive, and it is harder to think like God. Fatigue should be dealt with and recognized for what it is. I try never to make

big decisions when I am tired. I also remind myself that fatigue is temporary and it doesn’t change God. Once it is gone, the connection will feel strong again. Jesus loves being connected to us. He declared that “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit.” (John 15:5). Let’s stay connected. Fatigue can make us feel like we are branches detached from the vine that have shriveled down to the size of a twig. We are live branches. Strong and robust branches because Jesus, our vine, gives us life. So next time you feel disconnected, check your thought process. Your mind might be playing tricks on you. Say to yourself that God is still in the house and that He will never leave you. Take some time to rest so that the connection comes back fast. God’s list of blessings is extensive but the best blessing is our relationship with Him. Cherish the connection. Remain the branch attached to the source of life!

Suggested reading: Hebrews 12:2; Colossians 1:18; Psalm 118:22; Ephesians 5:23



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