Power in The Lord

There is true power in The Lord. There is power in His love. His love is real and contagious. If you turn to God, He will come through. He loves you. He loves you unconditionally. There is nothing He won’t do if you turn to Him. He wants more than anything to have a relationship with you. He doesn’t want the burden of religion. He just want to have a connection with you where it is you simply talking to Him and Him listening and responding. I didn’t know what it meant to have a relationship with God until two years ago. I came to Him in prayer. I surrendered and He entered my life in a way I neve thought was possible. It started little by little. I met this lady who had received a powerful word for me. She encouraged to talk to God and develop my communication with Him. I took it literally and I began to pray every morning and every night. The prayers are a conversation and an ode to His greatness. He has revealed Himself to me at a high level. It has been two years and my prayer-communication life has grown even stronger. He has taught me a lot but the most important thing is that He is love, He accepts everyone. He is not the way most people describe Him. His love is unconditional and He brings peace and joy every day. Even in the middle of the worst storms. I am His witness. So don’t give up whoever you are. Try it. Turn to God and see what He can truly do for you. I am not the same and I never will be. All due to the power of the Lord!


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